10 Worst Face Tattoos Ever!

Worst face tattoos! Face tattoos are almost always fails, as the artwork is almost never good, everybody can see your ink, and it looks like trash.

Between a guy with an American flag face tattoo and a woman with a Drake forehead tattoo, it was hard to narrow down the list of worst face tattoo fails.

You’ll wonder what any of these people were thinking when walking into the tattoo parlour, as these shocking face tattoos will not be coming off any time soon!

10. Darth Vader
9. Bird and “misunderstood”
8. Fun skinhead
7. I smell bitchs
6. Drake forehead tattoo
5. Racist forehead tattoo
4. Red eyes and spam
3. USA face tattoo
2. Word search
1. Ocean floor with seaweed

I bet there’s some major face tattoo regret going on with some of these people. What was the worst face tattoo in the list? Comment down below with your own thoughts.

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