Tattoo Designs

Hub City Stompers – Skinhead Boi

Hub City Stompers – Skinhead boi … Where you goin’ out boy with your crew? Tellin’ me you’re havin’ just a few Here we go again, it’s nothin’ new Taking off while I said “home at 2” Here’s a little message just for you Silly rude boy, I’m just about through Before you put your hand on your first brew ...

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Evil conduct – My Skinhead Girl (legendado PTBR)

Tradução e legenda da música a partir de letra extraída da internet. Correções na tradução são bem vindas. Letra original. I’m feeling kinda blue, I don’t know what to do But then I saw her at the railway station Blue jeans, black monkey boots, Blond hair, a smile so cute Such a pretty bird, a sweet sensation I thought let’s ...

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10 Worst Face Tattoos Ever!

Worst face tattoos! Face tattoos are almost always fails, as the artwork is almost never good, everybody can see your ink, and it looks like trash. Between a guy with an American flag face tattoo and a woman with a Drake forehead tattoo, it was hard to narrow down the list of worst face tattoo fails. You’ll wonder what any ...

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