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The Specials – Skinhead Girl (Subtítulos Español)

There she was swinging down the high street, yeah Hair cropped short, butts and perm I couldn’t believe my eyes, like a story out of a book She was my height, my weight, my size She wore her braces and blue jeans Skinhead girl I made up my mind, was gonna be courageous, yeah Her head on my hand and ...

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Evil Conduct – My Skinhead Girl (Subtítulos Español)

I’m feeling kinda blue, I don’t know what to do But then I saw her at the railway station Blue jeans, black monkey boots, Blond hair, a smile so cute Such a pretty bird, a sweet sensation I thought let’s say: “Hello, there? Would you like to be my date?” As I walked down the platform The train pulled out, ...

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Skinhead Obama Assassination Planner Wants Tattoo Removed

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