How to Find the Perfect Tattoo Designs for Women
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Hey guys, I get asked all the time about my tattoos from other girls and even guys who want to get a tattoo but can’t decide what to get. Well today I’m going to tell you all once and for all my dirty little secret. I couldn’t decide what tattoo to get either until a tattoo artist friend of mine told me about this sweet website that had absolutely everything I was looking for. The site is called Tattoo me now, and there’s a link to it below this video. What I really like about Tattoo me now is it’s not just an endless list of pictures, it actually helped me find the perfect tattoo in their galleries and then even combine multiple ideas into the perfect customized tattoo that fit ME! Then, once I decided on my designs I was able to print it out in perfect quality for my tattoo artist to put it on me. I knew before I ever went to the shop that I would love it because it was exactly what I wanted. And it was so easy to do it. So that’s why I tell everyone who asks about my tattoo to go check out tattoo me now, I know you’ll love it!

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