Interview with Samantha Meow and Mrs. Rat of Just Deadly Tattoo Parlor

Video of the 16th Annual International Female Tattoo Artist Expo, “Marked For Life”, held at UCF Holiday Inn in Orlando, Florida.
Pictures and Video Include :
Roaming Video, Interview with Samantha Meow and Miss Rat of Just Deadly Tattoo Parlor, Deana Lippens of Deana’s Skin Art Studio, Living Canvas Art Company, Michelle Helmer of Sacred Soul Tattoo, Erika Lyn of Artistic Body Works Tattoo, Iron Ink, Ashlee Ammann of Eternal Etchings Body Art Studio, Suzanne Marie Guy, L.M.T., Patty’s Art Spot, Tommy’s Tattoo Studio, Judy Parker Pacific Tattoos, Liz Gruesome of Smokin’ Guns Tattoo, Rich Bustamante Tattoo, Brian Baker, Holly Maria of 3 Lions Tattoo, Majenta’s Diamond Tattoo & Body Piercing, Mandy of Dead Sexy Tattoo, Anthony “Meatloaf” Benavides of Explicit Piercings, Tiffany Holley of Timeless Beauty Permanent Makeup, Ink Dreams Tattoo, Inkredible Ink, Debbie Lippens of Lippens Design, InkSmith and Rogers Brand Tattoo & Body Piercing, Oogie Tattoos, Lindsay Snow of Atomic Tattoos Florida Mall, Crazy Eddie Funk of Tattooing – The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, Tattoos by Mrs. Rat, Covered – The Movie and David Shumate of

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