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Woman Gets Facebook Friend Sleeve Tattoo

If you thought a smartphone was the ultimate way to take your Facebook friends with you wherever you go, think again. A woman from the Netherlands just cover… Friends are a many splendored thing — and it’s natural to carry them in one’s heart throughout one’s ever-storied life. It seems a little extreme, however, t… Girl Gets 152 Facebook Friends ...

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Woman Gets Full Back Twilight Tattoo- Cathy Ward

Cathy Ward, a 49-year-old die-hard fan of the Twilight franchise, got a full-back tattoo of the main characters, to show appreciation for helping her lose weight. That’s right, Twilight actually helped someone lose weight, which is kind of ironic, because watching movies and reading books doesn’t exactly strike me as an active lifestyle. But in Cathy’s case, the interest in ...

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