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Hub City Stompers – Skinhead Boi

Hub City Stompers – Skinhead boi … Where you goin’ out boy with your crew? Tellin’ me you’re havin’ just a few Here we go again, it’s nothin’ new Taking off while I said “home at 2” Here’s a little message just for you Silly rude boy, I’m just about through Before you put your hand on your first brew ...

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Evil conduct – My Skinhead Girl (legendado PTBR)

Tradução e legenda da música a partir de letra extraída da internet. Correções na tradução são bem vindas. Letra original. I’m feeling kinda blue, I don’t know what to do But then I saw her at the railway station Blue jeans, black monkey boots, Blond hair, a smile so cute Such a pretty bird, a sweet sensation I thought let’s ...

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