What Tattoos Really Say About You

Tattoos are perhaps the ultimate form of self expression. Once done, they’re basically with you for good. But does that ink doom you to life of being judged? Some studies say yes! Anthony looks at what having a tattoo says about you.

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Tattoos reduce chances of getting a job, new research says
“Having a tattoo can reduce your chance of getting a job, but it depends on where the tattoo is, what it depicts and if the job involves dealing with customers, new research says.”

Three in Ten Americans with a Tattoo Say Having One Makes Them Feel Sexier
“Tattoos are a much discussed form of body art. Who has them? How many do they have and what do they mean?”

Career-oriented Women with Tattoos
“Almost 50 percent of all tattoos are being done on women, many of whom are counselors, nurses, doctors, lawyers and business managers.”

People with tattoos are perceived to be less credible than those without
“People often rely on each other’s physical appearance to form first impressions, and these impressions can be potent and enduring. People use seemingly trivial cues like clothing, grooming, cosmetics, hair length, and body piercings to form impressions of each other.”

Visible Tattoos and Employment in the Restaurant Service Industry
“The objective of this study is to assess restaurant managers’ decision to hire servers as a function of the applicants’ tattoo status and gender. Managers are shown a resume and a photograph of a potential job applicant.”

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Tattoos: Photos
“Happy National Tattoo Day! Get out there and show off your ink today. Plus, be sure to celebrate the culture and artistry of tattooing.”

Tattoo Statistics
“During the last ten years, according to U.S. News & World Report, tattooing has become one of America’s fastest growing categories of retail business.”

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