Woman suing tattoo parlor on VH1 reality show after botched ink job left her chest disfigured

Woman suing tattoo parlor featured on VH1 reality show after botched ink job left her chest disfigured
Asabi Barner, 37, of South Carolina got a tattoo at Black Ink tattoo parlor while visiting New York City
The parlor in Harlem specializes in tattooing dark skin and the shop’s owner and artist have their own reality show called Black Ink Crew on VH1
Barner went to the shop last year to get a new chest piece to cover up an older chest tattoo
After the first day, Barner says the new tattoo started to puss and continues to be painful to this day
She is currently in the process for suing the tattoo parlor
A New York City tattoo parlor at the center of a VH1 reality series just got a serving of drama – but not the kind that makes for good publicity.
A woman from South Carolina is suing Harlem tattoo parlor Black Ink, claiming an artist there did a botch job on a chest piece that left her disfigured and in pain.
The Harlem tattoo parlor’s owner and artists star in their own reality show, Black Ink Crew, which has had three seasons.
More than a year later, Barner says she has to apply a ice pack to the tattoo every day to relieve the burning and itching pain.
Photos of the botched tattoo show Barner’s chest covered in raised scars that have left her uncomfortable in her own skin.
‘In the intimate moments it creates a problem because you don’t have that confidence. I wasn’t overly confident before, but I felt good about myself. Felt good about my body, but it just changes you,’ Barner told PIX 11.
Barner is currently in the process of suing Black Ink, claiming the shop is responsible for her pain through reckless, careless and negligent behavior.
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