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Side tattoos are currently really hot. They are one of the top most requested tattoo designs by both men and women these days. They are easy to cover up when needed but also very easy to reveal when it is desired. They have never been incredibly popular before but have been in the world of tattoo designs for a long time. Thus side tattoo ideas and rib cage tattoo designs have become some of the most searched for and requested tattoos out there.

Here are some popular and cool ideas that can work well for both men and women to get your own ideas going. These of course might not be exactly what you are looking for but they will at least get your own ideas going and get some thoughts rolling through your head to help you over the creative block. You can then take the ideas you like and tweak them to fit your own unique tattoo design.

Japanese Tattoos

Of course it is hard to miss the quickly growing trend of currently hot Japanese tattoo designs. Those of us here in the west that have always loved Japanese tattooing arts are finally cheering as the rest of the tattooing world realizes and now better appreciates the beauty of traditional Japanese tattoo designs. The Japanese have been tattooing for centuries and way before the Americans and those of us in the West. They have therefore further perfected their art and the elements of design. The deep symbolism and foreign feel about these designs give them an air of mystery and a real lure for anyone casually looking through a series of Japanese tattoo designs. Not only that the themes and designs in most Japanese tattoos can work equally well for both men and women. Koi fish, Dragons and Geisha all work well for both sexes. Samurai and Angry Gods work well for men while cherry blossoms and goddess work well for women.

Literary Word Tattoos

Literary tattoos have been titled or called many different things yet they are all kind of one and the same design. Any tattoo design with a word or words right now is very hot. IT doesn’t matter if you call it a saying tattoo, a word tattoo or a literary tattoo they all are basically incorporating words into the design as the prominent feature. This is relatively new in the area of tattoo designs since in the past tattoos were always graphical pictures with a few words as embellishment at most. Now the main part of the design and the embellishment of it is all a word or lettering design. It seems that literary tattoo designs work very well coming on up the side of the body. It provides a large canvass area for extensive and intricate work to be done on the font.

Old Classics In Retro Styles

Another very popular trend and series of designs for the side tattoo that is great for both men and women alike is the old classic tattoos. Things like nautical stars, pinup girls, anchors, and sail boats are the types of designs that being talked about here. Now these are not the same exactly as the ones your grandfather that was in the Navy has. Although they give a throwback to these times and tip their hats off to these early tattoo pioneers and designs. Instead they take many of the same designs, tweak and update them a bit with more detail and then add color ink to the designs that were originally done in black only. This really breathes new life into some beautiful classic tattoo designs and they are very popular among men and women alike.

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